Undergraduate Fellows Program

Are you interested in Liberty and Constitutionalism?
Want to learn more about Capitalism?
Curious about civic literacy and moral character?

Become a member of the Center of the Study of Liberal Democracy (CSLD) Undergraduate Fellowship Program and to participate in a vibrant community of scholars pursuing their interests in the principles and institutions that underlay liberal democracy and free markets, intellectual diversity, civil discourse, and related topics.  To this end, the Center offers five initiatives, each focusing on an important aspect of liberal democracy:

During your yearlong experience, the undergraduate fellows: 

  • Develop a mentoring relationship with CSLD faculty, staff, and affiliates. 
  • Participate in Center events and activities designed to help them explore, interpret, and understand liberal democracy, free markets, intellectual diversity, and civil discourse. 
  • Attend exclusive, small-group meetings with notable guests, distinguished scholars and thought leaders from UW–Madison, other Wisconsin campuses, and around the United States. 
  • Develop their interpersonal and communication skills. 
  • Develop qualities of responsible, informed, and active citizenship through learning in and out of the classroom, as embodied in UW–Madison’s Wisconsin Experience goals, which include purposeful action, relentless curiosity, and intellectual confidence.  

While we encourage Undergraduate Fellows to participate in the Center’s activities, attendance at our sponsored activities is never mandatory. The Program’s intention is simply to foster a hospitable intellectual environment for undergraduate students to seek a better understanding of the ideas informing CSLD’s mission  

The Undergraduate Fellows Program enthusiastically welcomes applications from all students committed to a spirit of open inquiry and serious intellectual engagement. Fellows are eligible for scholarships of up to $1500 at the end of the academic year if they participate in a majority of the Center’s events.

Apply for a Fellowship

To apply for a Fellowship, please submit the following application.