Just released!

Richard Avramenko and Alicia Rolsma, “On the Uses and Abuses of Flood for Life: St. Augustine’s Theo-politics of Disaster”in Making Sense of Diseases and Disasters: Reflections of Political Theory From Antiquity to the Age of …

New publication

Now available: Richard Avramenko’s essay, “Fugitive Aristocracy: Tocqueville’s Search for Remnants of the Ancien Régime” in the new Cambridge Companion to Democracy in America.

2022 Essay Competition Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the “my body, my choice” essay competition! You can click on the individual’s names to read their essay. 1st place: Renxi Li 2nd place: Aaron Dorf 3rd …

Disinvited Dinner

The Disinvited Dinner celebrates and affirms a culture of free speech and First Amendment principles, the importance and meaning of academic freedom, and the search for Truth by offering a platform to someone whose speech …

New Publication

Read Graduate Fellow Kirsten Birkhaug’s new essay, “What we can find between the pages”, in The Constitutionalist.