Catholic Social & Political Thought Initiative

The Catholic Social & Political Thought initiative is devoted to the investigation of Catholicism’s rich intellectual and cultural heritage. From art and architecture to poetry and literature, from food and environmentalism to economic and political thought, the CSPT initiative continues the UW’s ecumenic and public spirit by promoting the teaching, research, and critical investigation of the Catholic tradition by engaging a diverse audience, both secular and religious.


On the Occasion of the 899th Anniversary of the Concordat of Worms:
Who Belongs to Whom? Lessons Learned from September 23, 1122

by Russell Hittinger
feat. Pope Callixtus II & Holy Roman Emperor Henry V
September 23, 2021
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Room: Wisconsin Historical Society

Catholic Perspectives on Criminal Justice Reform: A Scholarly Colloquium 

Thursday, February 10-12, 2021
University of Wisconsin-Madison
A Conference organized by Cecelia Klingele, UW Law

Fellows Program

As part of the Catholic Social & Political thought Initiative, the CSLD supports a Student Fellows Program. This program offers a unique opportunity for students to pursue academic interests related to knowledge and appreciation of Catholic heritage, including the exploration of Catholic social and political thought, history, religion, architecture, art, music, and literature. The program will allow students to conjoin their UW-Madison academic experience and career paths with Catholicism’s rich intellectual, moral and cultural heritage. Each year we select up to twelve CSPT Fellows to participate in the program, which may  include conferences, Catholic cultural encounter trips, academic seminars, debates, reading groups, research opportunities, public lectures, and service opportunities.



Fall 2021
Political Science 400: Christian Social and Political Thought (Prof. John Boersma) TR 4:00-5:15

Integrated Liberal Studies 205: History of Western Political, Social, and Economic Thought (Prof. Richard Avramenko) MW 9:55-10:45

PS 400: Latin American Political Thought (Prof. Eduardo Passos) TR 4:5:15

Spring 2022
Political Science 460/831: Aristotle and Aquinas (Prof. John Boersma)

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