Constitution Day 2019: The Founding Fathers & Public Leadership

This event has passed.

Lowell Center
@ 10:50 am - 3:30 pm

The Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy is co-sponsoring this year’s Constitution Day event with The Tommy G. Thompson Center on Public Leadership. The Founding Fathers & Public Leadership Conference will be examining the beliefs and insight of the founding fathers as they pertain to public leadership in America.  The Thompson Center is bringing together a large number of panelists with profound expertise to examine the mindsets of America’s framers.

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This event will include a Free Lunch for registered attendees.

Attendance of this event is worth 3.5 CLE Credits


List of Presenters

Keynote Address: Lynne Cheney – Former Second Lady of the United States

R. B. Bernstein – John Adams

Denver Brunsman – George Washington

Jane E. Calvert – John Dickinson

Joanne B. Freeman – Alexander Hamilton

Mark David Hall – Roger Sherman and James Wilson

Joel Paul – John Marshall

Jack Rakove– James Madison

Timothy Sandefur– Frederick Douglass

Gordon S. Wood – Benjamin Franklin