Funding Students Instead of Systems: The Case for Educational Freedom

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Pyle Center
@ 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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Corey DeAngelis will make the case for funding students instead of systems in K-12 education. He will take on the most common arguments against the concept of school choice and discuss how the policy landscape and political dynamic has shifted over the past few years. Corey DeAngelis is a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children, the executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a senior fellow at Reason Foundation. He was named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for his work on education policy and received the Buckley Award from America’s Future in 2020. He additionally received the Future 40 Award from Maverick PAC in 2021 and the OCPA Citizenship Award in 2022.
DeAngelis has authored or coauthored over 40 journal articles, book chapters, and reports on education policy, and he is the coeditor of School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight on Education Freedom. His research has been published in peer‐reviewed academic journals, including Social Science Quarterly, School Effectiveness and School Improvement, Educational Review, and Peabody Journal of Education. He is a regular on Fox News and his work has also been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the New York Post, and National Review.
DeAngelis received his PhD in education policy from the University of Arkansas. He holds a BBA and an MA in economics from the University of Texas at San Antonio.