John Boersma

Credentials: CV

Position title: Post-doctoral Fellow


Spring 2023
POLI SCI 470: The First Amendment

Ph.D. John Boersma

Classical Political Theory; Christian Political Theory; Constitutional Law and Interpretation

Ph.D. in Political Science, Louisiana State University
M.A. in Political Science, St. John’s University
J.D. St. John’s University School of Law
B.A. in Political Science, Ave Maria University

John Boersma explores the history of political theory. He especially enjoys teaching, researching, and writing about classical political thought. John earned a Ph.D. in Political Science at Louisiana State University, where he wrote his dissertation, Aristotle’s Quarrel with Socrates: Friendship in Political Thought. In addition, John has published articles in various online forums and peer-reviewed journals. Before joining CSLD, John taught at Texas State University.

Spring 2021
POLI SCI 460.1 – Christian Political Thought
POLI SCI 460.2 – Aristotle

Fall 2020
POLI SCI 460 – Christian Political Thought

Postdoctoral Fellowship, Center for the Study of Liberal Democracy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2020

Jack Miller Center Summer Fellow, 2019

Sidney Richards Moore Fellowship in Political Philosophy, 2018, 2019

Eric Voegelin Scholars Award, Louisiana State University, 2016, 2017