University of Wisconsin–Madison
Students listen to a lecture on the first day of class. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)


People affiliated with the Center teach a number of courses for undergraduates at the University. See them here.

Undergraduate Essay Competition

Every year the Center holds an undergraduate essay competition. Check back soon for information on our 2018 competition!

2017 Topic: “Should the U.S. Electoral College be abolished, reformed, or left to the states to determine?”

Winners: Ean Quick, Garrett McLaughlin, Joshua Gutzmann

2016 Topic: “Are the goals of fostering freedom of speech on campus and of fostering a welcoming environment for all students incompatible?”

Winners:  Joshua GutzmannRebekah Cullum, & Zawadi Carroll

Poster for 2017 essay contest.

Poster for 2016 essay contest.