CSLD Visiting Scholar and Postdoctoral Fellowships for AY2020-21

Applications for academic year and visiting scholars and postdoctoral fellowships at CSLD are now being accepted!

The deadline for submissions is January 15, 2020.

These appointments offer excellent opportunities for research and teaching that promotes appreciation and critical understanding of the cardinal principles and institutions of liberal democracy, including, but not limited to constitutionalism and rule of law; the meaning and scope of freedom and free markets in a democratic order; the place and role of religion in liberal democracies; the relationship between liberty and equality; the balances between security, liberty, and privacy in a dangerous world; the role of the military in a free society; education and the state; and competition between liberal democracy and competing ideologies, including various forms of autocracy and new political religions.

For more information, please visit the application web pages:

Visiting Scholars
Postdoctoral Fellowships