Group of African-Americans, marching near the Capitol building in Washington, D.C., to protest the lynching of four African-Americans in Georgia

First Amendment

The First Amendment Initiative seeks to foster a stronger understanding and appreciation of First Amendment rights—and responsibilities—at UW–Madison and beyond.

First Amendment freedoms lie at the foundation of liberal democracy and the mission of higher education to teach and pursue truth through intellectual growth and freedom of inquiry.  Accordingly, this initiative is building a long-term basis for education and training in the theoretical implications and practical applications of the First Amendment.  Such education would include learning relevant case law and the logic of Supreme Court jurisprudence; study of major philosophical, historical, legal, and policy-oriented scholarship; critical discussion and debate regarding the scope and limits of First Amendment freedoms; and thinking about the relationships between First Amendment principles and the mission of higher education, including the importance and meaning of academic freedom.  To help achieve these goals, the Initiative is fostering a new generation of scholars researching, and more importantly, teaching the principles of freedom of speech and conscience.  The Initiative also strives to provide a model for how the principles of free speech and academic freedom can gain presence and status on campus.

As part of the First Amendment Initiative, CSLD hosts an annual Free Speech in Wisconsin High Schools Symposium for high school principals.  This event seeks to provide secondary school administrators with a critical understanding of the rights and limitations of free speech for students, teachers, and citizens.  The symposium also shares with principals practical tools, resources, and best practices for addressing freedom of speech issues that may arise at their home institutions.

Past First Amendment events and activities hosted by CSLD:

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